The Mrs. McVeigh's Magnificent Manners Show is a six week series of classes. Each section covers one topic, totaling approximately 3 hours of video.

Sessions: Meeting & Greeting, Appearance, Set the Table, Table Manners, Eating at School and Resturant Manners

Each week the student will feel like they are in a Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners class. We currently have a Level I for Pre-readers (Ages 3-Kindergarten) and a Level II for readers 1st-5th grade).

Each video series has the following elements:

An Interview with Mrs. McVeigh

A lesson with Mrs. McVeigh

An age appropriate workbook and placemat via mail.

Answers to the workbook pages

A book narrated by Mrs. McVeigh, which includes Mrs. McVeigh's Cast of Characters.

A short video with Mrs. McVeigh and the hilarious Professor Maynard, or Ash and Dax the dog's manners tips!

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