Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners Online Classes

Online Classes and Daily Activities for Ages 3-11

Our online classes include a weekly video conference session and daily manners activities.

Curriculum Objectives Include: Meeting and Greeting, Respect, How to Set a Table, Appearance, Table Manners, Invitations, Birthday Parties Arriving, Birthday Parties Departing, Eating at School, Good Guest and Host, Gifts, Thank you Notes, Tricky People, How to Stop a Bully, Airplane Manners, Vacation Manners, Telephone/Cellphone, Calling 911, Conversations, Shopping, Park and Playground, School, School Bus, Balanced Eating, Spectator, Sportsmanship, Public Ceremonies, and Restaurants.

Includes workbooks, coloring books, and Set the Table Placemat, and other fun materials.

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Elise McVeigh’s Life Camp Online Classes

Our Interactive Sessions will inform, entertain, and motivate your group on a variety of life skill topics.

  • Executive Training
  • Professionalism 101 Classes
  • Etiquette Dinners
  • Parenting Group Classes and Tasks
  • Young Men’s Service League Chapters
  • National Charity League Chapters
  • Private and Semi=Private Classes
  • Get Ready for Sorority RUSH Class
  • Seminars for Fraternity and Sorority Groups
  • Custom classes for your student(s) starting in 6th grade

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Create Your Own Class

We can also create your own adult group or private classes.

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