Tips 4 Families

Family Time

Eat dinner as a family every night.

Thank You

Teach your child to say "Thank You for dinner" every night.

Table Clean Up

Ask your child to clear his dishes and the rest of the table every night.


Don't respond to your child until they have said "please" before their request.


Role-play good manners right before you encounter a situation.

Meeting People

When meeting people, teach your child to have a firm handshake, good eye-contact, and articulate speech.

Teaching Manners

Correct your child right away when he does not show good manners. If you are with other people, pull him aside so he is not embarrassed.

Setting and Example

Always use your good manners in front of your child.


Start listening to the words you choose when speaking. You may not be setting a good example.

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Make burping and passing gas unacceptable. Enforce a big consequence if necessary.