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Speaking Topics

Elise McVeigh can attend your young student group’s meeting, and speak on good manners, or effective communication. She typically speaks around 20 minutes, and can tailor the talk to your organization’s specifications. She also can go to a restaurant, and help your student’s out with setting the table, and good table manners>

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Why are manners so important?

Asking a girl to a dance or on a date

How to Handle the Evening

Phone call role-playing

Meeting People

Small Talk

Dining Etiquette

Why is it important to communicate well with adults?

What can you gain from it?

Verbal Communication

Communicating with a Date

Email Communication

Text Communication

Job Interview

Hand Written Communication

Social Media

How to Set a Table (Formal and Informal)

Table Manners (Including helping them with utensil use)

Dining with a Date

Why are manners so important?

Introductions – Meeting and Greeting people

Introductions – Meeting and Greeting people

Speaking to Parents

Cell Phone Manners

Parties and RSVPs

Writing Emails

Thank you Notes

The pricing is as follows:
15-30 minutes - $125.00 • 30-60 minutes - $250.00
Outside of Dallas
$1200.00 for up to 60-minute presentation, plus travel costs