Mrs. McVeigh's Manners Curriculum

The Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners curriculum has been developed over years of teaching thousands of students how to have good manners. The dual goals of the curriculum are to make learning enjoyable, and for the student to retain the information long-term. The topics taught are broken into units, (listed below). The first unit, Meeting, Eating, and Greeting is taught at every class. The rest of the units and topics are filtered into classes and camps as appropriate. (Not all topics will be covered in one class or camp. Topics taught will be listed on the registration page.)

Materials used in the classes – Elise McVeigh continuously enjoys creating new materials each year for all of the classes. Her original materials include lessons, board games, story books, videos, workbooks, and on-line quizzes, and interactive on-line books. Each child goes home with at least a placemat, one book or chart, and the Mrs. McVeigh’s Magnificent Manners Show video will be emailed to the parent to download.

Mixing the ages in classes – Our camps and classes typically are broken into age groups as follows: ages 3-11; 5-8; 9-12; university students; and adults in the workplace. Private groups can be formed, and the organizer may decide what age(s) to include.

Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners chooses to mix ages and gender in classes for several reasons. The original reason was because when I (Elise McVeigh) had three young children, finding a camp for all of my children at the same time was a challenge. I want to help parents out by making it their only stop. Then as I taught several classes of mixed ages, and then some classes with one age and/or gender, I realized that children behave more when there are children of different ages and gender. Younger children look up to older children, and want to behave like them. The older children act more responsible when younger children are present – they instinctively know that they are supposed to set an example. The older children also enjoy to take care of the younger ones. A group of all girls or all boys tend to act sillier than having boys and girls together. Children are grouped together by age for age appropriate activities during a class, such as filling out a workbook, or listening to a book.

Class size – At Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners, we are dedicated to make sure that there is a minimum 12:1 ratio of students to instructors. Even in a camp with 40 children, Elise McVeigh is the main instructor (unless noted otherwise), and she and the other instructors rotate small groups to make sure they are getting a lot of attention and having fun with all of our well qualified teachers.

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Common Courtsey

It’s Not all about YOU
How to Handle Death

Meeting, Greeting, and Eating

Meeting and Greeting; Appearance
Table Setting
Table Manners
Eating at School

Grace Under Fire

Stranger Danger
How to Stop a Bully
Telephone / Cell Phone
Calling 911
Park and Playground

Getting Organized

Morning Routines
Evening Routines
Get Organized for School
Get Organized at School
Get Your Room Organized
Get Your Clothing Organized

Now you are Going Places

Public Ceremonies
Car and Carpool
School and School Bus

Start as well as
you Finish

Inviting People
Good Guest
Birthday Parties Arriving
Birthday Parties Departing
Thank You Notes

Learn More

Manners Classes
Manners Camps
Classes in School
Girl Scouts
University Students
Speaking Engagements

Everyday Life