Mrs. McVeigh's Manners Classes

What the parents are saying-

Weekly Classes

Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners offers weekly classes at various times throughout the year. This includes a 3 hour Sunday Holiday class (typically the Sunday before Thanksgiving), and by request a 3 hour Sunday Holiday class before December 25.

We are respectful of children of all denominations, and role-play using whichever holiday they choose to celebrate. A three-hour class typically costs $95.00, and includes take home supplies.

Six Week Semester Classes

We also have six-week semester classes in the Fall and the Spring. The classes are one day per week for one hour, and are typically ages 3-11. A six-week class typically costs $180.00, and includes take home supplies.

5th – 8th grade, and high school classes are formed by request. We have spoken to a lot of Young Men’s Service League and National Charity League Groups. The pricing is as follows:
15–30 minutes $125.00
30-60 minutes $500.00

Create Your Own

Parents are welcome to form a class at any time that fits into Elise McVeigh’s (or another instructor’s) schedule. The only request is that we ask for a minimum of 12 students. If you are unable to get 12 students together, we can open the class up on our website, and help you get enough students.

Classes take place at the home of Elise McVeigh in Dallas, close to Southern Methodist University, unless requested otherwise.

Private or semi-private classes – Private classes for one (or more) individuals are available.

The pricing is as follows:
One person $ 95.00 per hour
Two people $150.00 per hour
Three people $225.00 per hour
Four people $300.00 per hour